Indoor Racing Rules


1. Racers Must purchase a membership. The membership FEE will entitle them to a pit space and free track time anytime that the Hobby store is open. Membership is $25.00 per 12 week race series.  Entry fee will be $10.00 for 1st. class and $8.00 for each additional class.

2. Non-members will be required to pay a $5.00 fee for track and pit area usage each time they come in to practice.

3. All racers are required to obey all track rules. The racer is responsible for their pit crew and family members. Only racers are allowed in the pit area, other family members and children are expected to remain in the bleachers. Running is not allowed in the pit or race area.

4. NO smoking or drinking of alcohol in the building! Profanity or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. If rules are not followed, you may be asked to leave the premises.

5. All vehicles must have a full body on the car when on the racing surface. No burn-outs on the track.

6. All drivers must sign in and pay entry fee before entering the pit area.

7. The race director will have the authority to inspect any vehicle at anytime.

8. Vehicle batteries must be securely mounted.  All batteries must contain the original label plus store label to be legal.  Note: Store approved batteries ONLY.

9. Each vehicle must pass a pre-race technical inspection before being allowed to compete. Top three vehicles must pass tech after each race. The Tech inspector has the right to limit admission to any area used for tech.


10. All Drivers must Marshal for their designated race or have someone to substitute for them. Turn Marshals are not permitted to repair vehicles during race event. Marshals will take disabled vehicles to the edge of the race track as soon as possible. A vehicle running on the track has the right of way over one that has gone off of the track or turned over on the track.

11. Personal Transponders – Driver is responsible for providing the correct numbers for scoring purposes. Final results will be based on the transponder count. Vehicles cannot be pushed across the finish line on the final lap. To assure a fair start drivers are assigned a starting grid location for full field start. Vehicles should start per computer horn.

(Rental transponders will be available for a $5.00 fee per event, Drivers license will be required for transponder rental)

12. A grace period before the start of a race may be allowed at the discretion of the race director. Only one grace period of two minutes per driver per night will be allowed.

13. The race director will make every effort not to delay the start of the race. Vehicles will not be allowed on the track before the three minute warm-up period. This will allow the drivers 2 ½ minutes of warm-up, at thirty seconds the cars will be called to the starting position. Grace period must be asked for before the three minute warm-up begins.

14. Failure to comply with any of these rules or vehicle rules may result in disqualification for race/night or lap penalties will be imposed.

15. All open class races, will have some Rules on size of vehicle and body type.

Note:  Only Tire Traction allowed will be Sticky Fingers by Trinity part # TEP5000.

If you are concerned that your car or battery is illegal, be sure to check with the race director before paying your entry fees.